Friends Zone

Want to camp together with your friends? You can purchase a 120m2 Friends Zone field where you can stay with ±15 people (€23,33 per person). If you can and want to camp there with more people, go for it!


  • 120m2 area in the Friends Zone section
  • 3x3m party tent (rental)
  • 8-person foldtable (rental)
  • Sign with a name of your choosing (start brainstorming!)

If you have a Thursday Campsite Ticket, you can immediately access the Friends Zone. There is a limited number of Friends Zones available.

Can we group multiple Friends Zones next to each other?

Send an email to [email protected] with the order number and barcodes of all the Friends Zones you would like to group together.

How do we submit the name of our Friends Zone?

We will prepare a sign so you and your friends will be able to locate your zone, with a name of your choosing! Before the festival starts, all Friends Zone ticket buyers will receive an email with a link to an online form where you can enter the name for your field.

€ 349.99 (including € 39.00 tax, service- and transaction fees)

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