Liquicity Festival Resale Platform

Dear visitors,

Liquicity Festival 2024 uses a more regulated and fair platform to resell tickets. Besides fraud, there are currently too many individuals who solely trade tickets for profit — behaviour that doesn’t belong in the Liquicity community. Reselling tickets should be fair for buyer and seller, which is why we are happy to announce the official Liquicity Festival Resale Platform with Paylogic.

Visit the Resale Platform

How to sell tickets?

If you can no longer make it to Liquicity Festival, follow these steps to safely sell your tickets to someone else:

  1. Open the Paylogic order confirmation email
  2. Click the Manage Order button to open the MyOrder area
  3. Click More actions > Resale and set the price (min. 90%, max. 100% of what you paid)
  4. Done! You can share the link to your offer with friends or promote it via social media to increase your chances. If someone buys your ticket, the buyer will receive a new ticket and you will receive your money within a few working days.

How to buy tickets?

If you would like to buy a ticket offered in the resale, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Liquicity Festival Resale Platform >
  2. Select the category of the ticket you would like to buy
  3. Find an offer and finish your purchase
  4. You will receive a new ticket in your email, no need to worry whether you can trust the seller. Enjoy!
Liquicity Festival Resale Platform