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Liquicity Festival 2023 takes place at the recreational park “Geestmerambacht”, just 40km north of Amsterdam. Check this page to find out how to get there.

To enter the Liquicity Festival, you must be 18 years or older. If requested, you must show a valid ID at the entrance.

Due to the Dutch law, only people who are 18 years or older at the start of the festival date are allowed in.

There wouldn’t be a Liquicity Festival without the amazing volunteers! Each year hundreds of dedicated people help out all around the festival. The sign-up is open now. You can do so here.

In the Liquicity Festival 2023 Facebook group you can exchange ideas with us and other visitors!

Please use our contact form and tell us what’s on your mind.


First, try to use this link with the email address you used for purchase. If you still do not receive your tickets by email, contact the lovely people at Paylogic.  They will be able to help you get another copy of your ticket.

All weekend ticket types give you the same access to the festival & campsite. The only difference is the price. The longer you wait with purchasing your ticket, the more expensive tickets become. This year as a special token of appreciation, all visitors with a phase 1 weekend ticket will receive a limited edition Liquicity necklace at the festival.

All Liquicity Festival 2023 tickets are available in the official ticket shop. Liquicity does not sell tickets through any other shop or platform.

No, all festival tickets include access to the campsite.

It is not possible to cancel your ticket. If for any reason you cannot make it to the festival anymore, you can sell your ticket on the 2nd hand market through Ticketswap.

Yes, you can change your tickets. However, you cannot downgrade from a weekend ticket to a day ticket, or from a more luxurious accommodation to a less expensive option, etc. You can upgrade your tickets by accessing your order via Paylogic Customer Service. Here you click the button “I bought a ticket” & enter the email address you used for booking. That way, you receive an overview of all your orders via email. Click on the applicable order number in the mail you receive to access your order(s), go to “more actions” & select “change tickets”. Here you will be shown which upgrades are possible. If more help is required, please reach out to Paylogic Customer Service.

No, this is not possible at the moment.

Previous Liquicity Festival editions have sold out in advance. Secure your ticket in time to avoid disappointment!

Travel, accommodation and merchandise tickets are on sale now in the ticket shop.

Yes, day tickets are on sale now in the ticket shop. The amount of day tickets is highly limited due to the popularity of weekend tickets.

Liquicity Festival is designed as a weekend experience, so consider joining the full weekend if at all possible.

It does not matter what name is on a ticket. The barcode is the only thing that matters. Each ticket can be scanned once at the entrance. After this the barcode will become invalid.

We do not offer group tickets.

The necklaces included in all phase 1 weekend tickets will be waiting for you at the festival. The exact location will be announced later.

This is not necessary. We can scan all tickets from your phone, make sure to turn up the brightness of your screen at the entrance.

There are no tickets available at the entrance. You can only get a ticket in pre-sale in the ticket shop.

Please only use Ticketswap to ensure yours and the buyer’s safety.

If you have any other problems regarding your ticket, please reach out to the Paylogic customer service. For any other issues, you can contact us at [email protected]. We will sort it out for you.


You can find the full line up here. 

The timetable for the festival will be released approximately a month before the festival takes place.

A day-by-day line-up can be viewed here.

There will be a full festival program on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Timetables for each day will be published in the month leading up to the festival.


Liquicity Festival 2023 takes place at the recreational park “Geestmerambacht”, just 40km north of Amsterdam.

No, please take the train from Schiphol to Alkmaar Station, from there you can take the shuttle bus to the festival.

Because of very low demand last year, we have decided to cancel the city bus tours. You can take the train to Alkmaar and take the shuttle bus there or ask people to carpool in our Official Liquicity Festival Facebook Group.

There is a designated parking field near the festival. Parking tickets are available in the ticket shop.

You cannot sleep in your car if it is parked on the parking field. You are also not allowed to take your car onto the campsite with a campervan ticket. These are exclusively for campervans as they are very limited.

You can do this if your van is completely converted into a campervan and is registered as such with your local municipalities. You need to hold a campervan ticket for this. 

Campervan tickets are completely sold out & will not come back into stock.

Campsite & Accommodation

You don’t have to buy a separate ticket for the campsite! Entrance to the campsite is included in every festival ticket. Only if you like to access the campsite on Thursday, you’ll need an extra Thursday Camping Ticket which you can purchase in the ticket shop.

The campsite is right next to the festival site. You can even set-up your tent less than 100 meters away from the festival entrance!

You can purchase a 120m2 Friends Zone field where you can stay with ±15 people. This area is for you to fill with tents, so if you want to camp in your Friends Zone with more people, go for it! Go to the pre-arranged check-in desk (at Camping Field 2) with your Friends Zone ticket to get directions to your zone.

There is only a 15 person option this year but if you send us an email to [email protected] with your names and order numbers / barcodes, we can put your multiple Friends Zones next to each other. You can purchase this in the  ticket shop.

Don’t set up your tent wherever you feel like: follow instructions by the campsite staff.

Yes, rental tent options are available in the ticket shop. Pre-arranged rental tents can be found at Camping Field 2 and can’t be moved, except Kartents (which you can move subject to crew instructions). Collect rental tent tickets at the Camping Field 2 check-in desk.

Yes, warm and private showers are available for all visitors.

Liquicity believes free and easy access to drinking water is crucial for everyone’s safety. You will find various tap water points across the festival and campsite.

Visitors will be pre-emptively searched to ensure the safety of all visitors at the festival. The following items are not allowed:

    1. Drugs (soft and/or hard drugs, laughing gas)
    2. Anything made of glass (including perfume bottles)
    3. Weapons, knifes and scissors
    4. Portable speakers / sound systems longer than 25cm
    5. Gas barbecues, refrigerators, gas stoves with bottles >250grams.
    6. Fireworks, candles, torches, oil/gas lamps
    7. Spray cans
    8. Drones
    9. Pets
    10. Generators
    11. Professional gear (camera’s, lasers, fog machines)

Find more information & rules about the campsite here.

The first time you enter, you can bring:

  • up to 4 liters of alcohol no stronger than 15% (in unopened, non-glass containers)
    • g. 2 sixpacks of 0.33cl beers
  • unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (not for commercial purposes)
  • unlimited food (not for commercial purposes)

When you leave Liqucity Festival and re-enter again, you can only bring food with you, but you cannot bring any drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

Glass is not allowed. Any food or drinks you bring must be in non-glass containers. You can refill water for free at water stations on the campsite or festival site.


On the regular campsite, sleeping hours begin at 02:00 and end at 09:00. Portable speakers are not allowed during this time, and we ask that you keep noise to a minimum.

On the silent campsite, portable speakers are prohibited, and quiet conversation is encouraged. Although the camping crew enforces these rules, expect some inevitable noise at the festival campsite. Pro tip: Use wax earplugs, found at most supermarkets.

Thursday Campsite Access

Opening the campsite for an extra day is an expensive operation with loads of costs involved, such as rental costs of facilities, staff, and infrastructure. The extra day of camping is truly an extra service we offer on top of the regular festival experience.

Thursday campsite access tickets are available in the festival ticketshop under the ”entry tickets” tab.

Yes! All pre-arranged tent options can be accessed on Thursday with a valid Thursday Campsite Access ticket.

Visitors with a valid weekend and a valid Thursday campsite access ticket can enter between 17:00 and 21:00 on Thursday.

You can expect basic facilities such as some foodies, toilets, showers and the camping shop. A full list of facilities will be shared later on.

The Liquicity Festival campsite allows for visitors to set-up camp within the designated fields on a first come first serve basis. Don’t set up your tent wherever you feel like: follow instructions by the campsite staff. 

If you would like to reserve a spot with friends, we advise you to purchase a friends zone ticket. You can grab one in the ticket shop.

Yes, the shuttlebus from Alkmaar station will be running on Thursday and the parking fields will be accessible.