Liquicity Festival 2024 is a weekend experience that includes campsite access for all visitors, but, of course, you’re welcome to stay somewhere else if camping is not your thing. You can bring your own camping gear or book a pre-arranged accommodation option.

The campsite is located right next to the festival fields and is a perfect place to spend the night or take a break during the festival. All day and weekend tickets automatically include access to the campsite.

The festival is open from Friday until Monday morning. However, for those who like to stay on-site a little earlier, it is possible to enter on Thursday with a Thursday Campsite Access ticket.

Early Campsite Access

The Liquicity Festival 2024 campsite will be accessible on Thursday, July 18th. Opening hours will be announced later. This is an extra service for visitors with a Thursday Campsite Access ticket. All weekend tickets still include free campsite access from Friday until Monday, but this add-on allows you to enter on Thursday already.

We created this option for international visitors who don’t want to miss anything on Friday due to a late (flight) arrival, but it is available for everyone who wants to enjoy an extra night and set up their tent at ease. There won’t be a regular festival program on Thursday.

Due to the substantial extra costs involved with opening the campsite for another day, Thursday campsite access tickets cost €16,99.

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Bring your own tent or choose one of the pre-arranged options!

1-2 people

Liquicity-branded pop-up tent for you to take home. Includes a branded tent bag, branded sleeping bags, and a branded airbed.

2-3 people

Pre-pitched cozy round tipi-styled tent equipped with a cozy rug on the floor, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, and pillows.

2-4 people

Pre-pitched tent with airbeds, pillows, and blankets (without sheets). Go for extra comfort with the iconic Queen tents!

6 people

Pre-pitched, big tent including airbeds, blankets (without sheets), chairs, a lamp, and a lock. Act like a boss, sleep like a boss!

2 people

Pre-pitched luxurious tent with beds, duvets (with sheets), chairs, and a lamp. Enjoy your new home for the weekend!

4 people

Pre-pitched bell tent with beds, duvets (with sheets), chairs, and a lamp. The most luxurious option for your group.

min. 6-18 people

Pre-reserved area of 36, 81 or 120㎡ for you and your friends to set up camp! You decide, as long as you abide by the minimum capacity.