Info & Rules


Liquicity Festival takes place at Geestmerambacht, 40 minutes north of Amsterdam.

  • Car: navigate towards Festivalweg Oudkarspel and follow the road signs.
  • Bike: navigate towards Festivalweg Oudkarspel and follow the road signs.
  • Public transportation: Travel to Alkmaar Centraal Station by train and take the shuttle bus to Liquicity Festival (separate ticket needed). The shuttlebus departs from the North side of Alkmaar Centraal Station.

People with a Thursday Access ticket (in addition to a regular Weekend/Friday ticket) can enter the campsite from 17:00 to 21:00 on Thursday.

Without a Thursday Access ticket, entrance times are as follows:

  • Friday 10:00-22:00 (for Friday and Weekend tickets).
  • Saturday 11:00-19:00 (for Saturday and Weekend tickets).
  • Sunday 11:00-19:00 (for Sunday and Weekend tickets).

You can leave Liquicity Festival and re-enter again (during regular opening hours) using your wristband. All visitors are kindly asked to leave the campsite before 14:00 on Monday.

There is a designated parking field near the festival where your car must be parked. It is not possible to take your car on onto the campsite. Parking tickets must be purchased beforehand in the ticket shop.

For safety purposes, sleeping in your car is prohibited. The sole exception is for individuals possessing a valid campervan ticket, which permits them to park their campervans in the specified campervan parking zone. Please note that these tickets are currently sold out and are no longer available for purchase in the ticket shop. For more info on camper vans, please see below.

Bring your own tent and gear or buy a pre-arranged tent in the ticket shop that’s ready upon arrival. Follow campsite crew instructions while setting up your tent to optimize space usage in each field.

Pre-arranged rental tents can be found at Camping Field 2 and can’t be moved, except Kartents (which you can move subject to crew instructions). Collect rental tent tickets at the Camping Field 2 check-in desk.

Pre-arranged tents will be fully set up on Thursday for people with a valid Thursday Early Access ticket.

You can purchase a 120m2 Friends Zone field where you can stay with ±15 people. This area is for you to fill with tents, so if you want to camp in your Friends Zone with more people, go for it! Go to the pre-arranged check-in desk (at Camping Field 2) with your Friends Zone ticket to get directions to your zone.

Campervan tickets are completely sold out. Only campers, caravans and tent trailers that meet the requirements mentioned in the road traffic act and the vehicleregulations are permitted.

Every campervan ticket grants you 30 m2. You are not allowed to put a tent on the ground next to your campervan. Others can set their tent up in a camping field nearby, but it is not allowed to put tents in the same area as the campervans. The towing car of a caravan must be removed from the campsite immediately after disconnecting and can be parked in the regular car parking (a separate parking ticket is needed).

Your campervan can only enter once: it is not possible to leave and re-enter. Furthermore, you can only enter and leave during general opening hours. You are allowed to have a filled water tank, the contents of which will be checked. Other than that, all the regular rules apply (e.g. no glass, maximum 4L liquid per person on first entry, max 15% alcohol).

Depending on your ticket, you may have access to a 220v power point. Make sure to bring your own power cable of ±25 meters.

Gas installations with separate removable gas cylinders in campers, caravans and/or tent trailers are not permitted due to fire regulations. Only gas installations with fixed non-removable built-in gas tanks are permitted. For campers and APK-obligatory caravans with such fixed gasinstallations, a recently (max. 1 year old) APK inspection report must be shown. For caravans without an APK inspection that do have such fixed gas installations, a recent (up to 2 years old) gasinspection G607 must be shown. Without one of these inspection documents, it is only allowed to carry small gas bottles (max 190 grams) for single use.

On the regular campsite, sleeping hours begin at 02:00 and end at 09:00. Portable speakers are not allowed during this time, and we ask that you keep noise to a minimum.

On the silent campsite, portable speakers are prohibited, and quiet conversation is encouraged. Although the camping crew enforces these rules, expect some inevitable noise at the festival campsite. Pro tip: Use wax earplugs, found at most supermarkets.

Portable speakers longer than 25cm are not allowed at Liquicity Festival.

The first time you enter, you can bring:

  • up to 4 liters of alcohol no stronger than 15% (in unopened, non-glass containers)
    • g. 2 sixpacks of 0.33cl beers
  • unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (not for commercial purposes)
  • unlimited food (not for commercial purposes)

When you leave Liqucity Festival and re-enter again, you can only bring food with you, but you cannot bring any drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

Glass is not allowed. Any food or drinks you bring must be in non-glass containers. You can refill water for free at water stations on the campsite or festival site.

Glass is not allowed at Liquicity Festival for safety reasons. You cannot bring glass containing food (e.g. glass jar with peanut butter), drinks (e.g. glass wine bottle), or personal hygiene products (e.g. parfume).

Glass is not allowed at Liquicity Festival. You cannot bring glass containing food (e.g. glass jar with peanut butter) or drinks (e.g. glass wine bottle).

Bringing your own food is allowed, but there will be plenty of options for purchasing food and drinks on both the campsite and festival site. It’s forbidden to sell any goods, services, or items on Liquicity Festival.

Gas barbecues and refrigerators are not allowed. You can bring a disposable barbecue and a small gas stove (using maximum 250-gram bottles) only to be used above a paving stone, which you can borrow (and please return!) at the camping shop. Other open fire is not allowed.

When transitioning from the campsite to the festival area, you may only carry personal items, an empty cup, and empty plastic bottles. Bringing food, containers, cans, glass, or other items from the campsite into the festival grounds is not permitted.

Showers are available day and night on the campsite. Please don’t shower longer than necessary. It is usually very busy between 08:00 – 15:00. If possible, shower outside of these time windows to avoid queues.

Showers cost 1 LIQ from 07:00 – 19:00 and 0.5 LIQ between 19:00 – 07:00.

If rain is predicted, we suggest bringing a poncho. While small umbrellas are allowed at the campsite area, they are prohibited in the festival area. Keep an eye on the forecast and bring sunscreen if recommended! The campsite offers a swimming pool and hot tubs. Swimming in natural waters is not permitted.

The camping shop is located on the campsite and provides essential items such as camping equipment, electric pumps, basic food and drinks, beer, phone chargers and personal care products, and serves as an information desk. The camping shop is open day and night.

Lockers are available while stock lasts at the campsite and can be purchased via the ticket shop or via the camping shop. Use them to store your valuable personal belongings such as passports, wallets, or cameras. Pro tip: tag your valuable personal belongings with your name and phone number. If you lose something, it’ll be easier to trace it at the Lost & Found.

Electricity and power sockets are not available on the campsite. There will be some service points to charge your phone, but we recommend you to bring a power bank.

All medication and supplements must be new in unopened packaging. Please bring along a doctor’s note for any prescribed medication.

If you have any accessibility needs, please contact us beforehand so we can do our best to make sure you will have an amazing time.

Your safety is our top priority at Liquicity Festival! Security- and first aid teams are available day and night. For more information on safety measures and how to report inappropriate behavior during or after the event, please refer to the safety policy.


  1. To enter the Liquicity Festival, you must be 18 years or older. If requested, you must show a valid ID at the entrance.
  2. Visitors will be pre-emptively searched to ensure the safety of all visitors at the festival. The following items are not allowed:
    1. Drugs (soft and/or hard drugs, laughing gas)
    2. Anything made of glass (including perfume bottles)
    3. Weapons, knifes and scissors
    4. Portable speakers / sound systems longer than 25cm
    5. Gas barbecues, refrigerators, gas stoves with bottles >250grams.
    6. Fireworks, candles, torches, oil/gas lamps
    7. Spray cans
    8. Drones
    9. Pets
    10. Generators
    11. Professional gear (camera’s, lasers, fog machines)
  3. Liquicity must comply with the zero tolerance drugs policy of the municipality Dijk & Waard. Therefore, possession of all forms of soft- and/or hard drugs is forbidden at Liquicity Festival.
  4. Don’t set up your tent wherever you feel like: follow instructions by the campsite staff.
  5. Glass is not permitted at Liquicity Festival. This will be strictly checked at the entrance.
  6. Do not urinate or defecate outside of the designated restrooms.
  7. Do not hand out promotional materials (samples/flyers, etc.) without written permission from Liquicity.
  8. Liquicity will not tolerate threats, abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment and other nuisance and/or offensive behavior
  9. The organization reserves the right to refuse and deny visitors (e.g. drunk, under the influence of narcotics, aggressive, etc.)
  10. Visitors of Liquicity enter the festival at their own risk. Liquicity takes no responsibility for any damages on any grounds whatsoever, which directly or indirectly arise out of acts or omissions of Liquicity, persons in its service, other persons who are working at the festival, or third parties during or in connection with the stay at the festival, unless the damage is caused by intent or gross negligence by Liquicity.
  11. Access to the festival grounds will be denied to visitors who do not comply with these rules and the Terms and Conditions Visitors (‘Algemene Voorwaarden Bezoekers’) without right to reimbursement of tickets, any service charges and/or other costs.