Memory Lane

One weekend each year, just 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam, drum & bass is celebrated from dusk till dawn at Liquicity Festival. A small slice of paradise where thousands of ravers connect through music, energy and life. A unique adventure that keeps on growing each year!


2022 | It took 3 difficult years of waiting for a new Liquicity Festival to take place, due to the Covid pandemic. Once the moment arrived and the festival gates finally opened an energy spread unlike anything before. Three days of pure bliss with a bigger Liquicity Family than ever thought possible.

5 highlights 0f 2022

  • Unmatched energy
  • Stunning new solar stage
  • Netsky and A.M.C closing down the weekend in a wave of euphoria
  • Sunny adventures from start to finish
  • More visitors than ever thought possible


2019 | The year the festival took a big step by adding another festival day to the program. Turning the whole festival experience into a miniature holiday.

5 highlights 0f 2019

  • Nearly all visitors already showing up on Friday
  • Mudcity: A 30 minute rainstorm that created some serious mud challenges. This didn’t phase anyone and the festival only got more memorable
  • Epic b2b’s from Fox Stevenson + Feint and Boxplot + Justin Hawkes
  • The Solar stage shapeshifting into a colourful caterpillar


2018 | The year in which the festival went through a phase of refinement.

The Lunar Stage got a massive upgrade and became the iconic greenhouse it is today. A new stage was formed for surprise performances: Nebula. And the biggest change started this year with Friday being added to the menu.

Last minute, it was announced that the festival would start a day early. To everybody’s surprise, nearly all visitors decided to be there right from the start!

5 highlights 0f 2018

  • Opening early on Friday
  • Lunar Glasshouse
  • An unexpected headliner: Noisia
  • Loads of crazy surprise performances at the Nebula stage
  • Nearly all visitors showing up a day early


2017 | After a mere two years at Diemerbos Amsterdam, the next big dream was about to become reality: a multi-day festival with campsite. Actually spending a whole weekend with friends from across the galaxy has always been a goal from the start, and 2017 was the year the festival actually made it happen.

Highlights of 2017

  • Weekender vibes
  • Camping for the first time
  • Drum & Bass silent disco
  • Discovering the galaxy stage
  • Maduk starts his Sunday special set tradition


2016 | Time for round 2 at Diemerbos Amsterdam! Liquicity Festival definitely needed a proper sequel. The second edition sold out quickly and was drenched in sun all day.

Highlights of 2016


2015 | Liquicity started as a modest YouTube channel more than 15 years ago. Back then, the channel was solely dedicated to the promotion of music supplied by other labels. In and around the comment section of this channel, the community came into existence.

Five short years later the YouTube channel evolved into a fully-fledged record label and event brand. Within two years of organising club events the first ever Liquicity Festival took place.

Thousands of visitors gathered around a lake in Diemberbos Amsterdam, for the start of something very special. Due to heavy storms in the days leading up to the festival, the first edition was nearly cancelled. Luckily, the dream prevailed and Liquicity Festival 2015 turned out to be an unforgettable experience.