23 Tips for 2023

Don’t wanna miss out on a single second of the festival? Liquicity has got you covered! Grab your tickets for Thursday campsite access here & set up your tent early.

Save yourself time and money by sharing your ride with other festival attendees! Join the Festival Facebook group to connect with other people looking to share a ride.

Even though you are never alone at Liquicity Festival you might have to travel on your own. Don’t worry, there are many Solo Travelers to link up with! Learn more.

There are plenty of activities that fit every kind of mood, whether you want to chill, game or exercise. Make sure to check out our side activities page for more info.

Nothing beats some quality pre-festival banter. Finding or creating a quality WhatsApp group is an art form in and of itself.

Bring some decorations and add some flair to your tent! Not only to increase your campsite aesthetic but also to make it easy to find your way back to your tent :)

Absolutely essential! Familiarise yourself with all the Liquicity classics, festival anthems and more obscure music being played at the festival by following the Liquicity Festival Playlist.

Saturday night is theme night! Dress up and claim your title for best outfit… you might even win a Liquicity care package. The theme this year is ‘Light Up The Night’, so shine bright like stars in the night sky.

Got your festival ticket but can’t wait to enter the Galaxy Of Dreams already? Have a look at the events page and see if there’s a pre-festival party near you to get you into the right festival mood.

Travel can be stressful, so it is best to have your route planned beforehand. More info about getting to the festival can be found on the here.

Liquicity Festival will have the most extensive assortment of merchandise yet! Want to be 100% sure you’ll get the item you want? Check out the webshop already.

Bring a powerbank so you’re always able to connect with whomever you need! You might even be the hero someone needs, if they don’t have one themselves.

Make sure to bring the fundamentals! Folding chairs, extra blankets, tent pegs & lanterns… Some items will be available at the campsite store, but it’s always better to bring your own.

For those who purchased a ticket for a single day, you don’t have to worry about leaving the campsite early! You can stay the whole day and night on which you arrived.

Bring earplugs! Make sure to protect your ears since they are the only ones you have. You can always get an extra set of earplugs at the merchandise stand if you forgot yours.

Bring your festival outfit to the next level by spicing it up with some glitter. Don’t worry if your forget yours, there will be plenty of people to sparkle you up.

Dutch weather can be unpredictable. We all remember Mudcity 2019. To avoid any problems make sure to bring a raincoat and some sturdy boots.

What’s a festival without some bubbles? They are the perfect way to set the atmosphere. Bring your best bubble blowers and elevate the vibe for everyone.

Stay powered up by visiting the festival food court! Besides staying hydrated, having enough energy is most important. There will be plenty of tasty options to try.

Make a list of things that have to happen at the festival. Share it with your friends and cross them off during the festival. Will the crowd sing Afterglow again? Let’s find out!

What sets can’t you miss? When is the meet&greet with your favourite artist? When to take a break? Gather information & tailor your festival experience to perfection.

Make sure you bring everything you need. Wet wipes, an extra pair of sunglasses, … anything you need to make sure you’re prepared to the fullest!

Don’t know what to expect? Or do you just want to relive previous moments to build the hype? Check out the events channel and get in the festival mood!